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Legal DNA Testing Services

AttoLife offers Legal DNA Testing services designed to provide compelling evidence for relationship verification. From parents and siblings, aunts and uncles, great grandparents and first cousins, our testing provides the answers needed for immigration cases, family law disputes, and estate planning.

  • We are accredited by UKAS to ISO 17025
  • Strict confidentiality and privacy standards
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Legal DNA Test


Cheek Swab

Our DNA tests are taken by a professional from the inside of the cheek.

Cheek Swab


Rapid Results

We can offer results within 48 hrs of receipt at the laboratory.

Rapid Results


Legally Defensible

Our test results can be used to inform legal proceeds in custody and immigration cases.

Legally Defensible

Comprehensive Relationship Testing

Legal DNA Testing is the most definitive method for verifying biological relationships. Our tests are conducted with the utmost precision and care, ensuring that the results are legally admissible and can withstand scrutiny in various legal proceedings. Our services cover a wide range of relationship verifications, ensuring precise and legally admissible results for Paternity and Maternity Testing, Sibling Analysis, and Grandparentage Testing.

Our DNA tests are crucial in resolving legal matters such as:

  • Changes to birth certificates

  • Determining parental rights in custody disputes

  • Verifying biological relationships for immigration purposes

  • Establishing rightful heirs in estate settlements

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Legal DNA Testing Services

How Our Legal DNA Testing Works

Is Legal DNA Testing Right for You?

Benefits of Legal DNA Testing

Provides compelling evidence to answer questions of biological relationships

Results are legally admissible, meeting the requirements of the Home Office

Non-invasive sample collection from the inside of the cheek

Fast and accurate results, enabling timely resolution of legal matters

Considerations for Legal DNA Testing

The emotional implications for families involved in the testing process

The importance of choosing an accredited provider to ensure the validity of results

The necessity of legal documentation and strict chain-of-custody procedures