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Familial DNA Testing for Private Individuals

Through our partner, AssureDNA, The AttoGroup is able to offer peace-of-mind DNA testing for individuals wanting to confirm biological connections without the complexities of legal processes.

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What We Offer

AssureDNA enables individuals to confidently explore and verify their biological relationships from the comfort of their own homes. Our tests are designed not for legal purposes, but for personal insight, providing a direct and straightforward way to establish familial connections.

Familial DNA Tests

Confirm your biological relationship with a child, providing clarity and peace of mind about your connection as a parent. Broaden your understanding of your extended family by establishing biological links to aunts, uncles, and first cousins. Determine your genetic relationship with grandparents, offering valuable insights into your family's generational connections.

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Familial DNA Tests
Fast and Reliable

Fast and Reliable

Our testing kits are designed for straightforward sample collection, making the process simple and hassle-free from start to finish. Utilising advanced DNA analysis technology, we provide highly accurate results, giving you the assurance you need about your familial relationships.

Confidential, Easy, and Precise

AssureDNA is committed to ensuring that your journey to discovering your familial connections is private, user-friendly, and accurate. We treat your personal journey and results with the highest level of confidentiality, ensuring your information and outcomes remain private.

Confidential, Easy, and Precise

How It Works

Visit AssureDNA and explore our extensive range of private DNA testing solutions. Our non-legal DNA testing services offer a personal way to establish your biological relationships, providing clarity and reassurance about your familial connections.

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  • Order Your Kit
  • Collect Your Sample
  • Send To Lab
  • Discover Your Results
Order Your Kit

Select the appropriate DNA test for your situation and order your kit online. It will arrive at your door discreetly packaged for privacy.

Collect Your Sample

Use the easy-to-follow instructions to collect your DNA sample, typically through a quick and painless cheek swab.

Send To Lab

Mail your sample to our lab in the provided prepaid envelope. Our expert team will then process your sample with care and precision.

Discover Your Results

Access your results securely online. Gain clear insights into your familial relationships, grounded in scientific accuracy.

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