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Hair Drug Testing

AttoLife specialises in detecting many substances, including Amphetamines, Cocaine, Opiates, Benzodiazepines, and Cannabis. Hair tests are the gold standard in assessing substance use over an extended time window.

  • UKAS accredited to ISO17025
  • Provides a detailed history of substance intake
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Hair Drug Testing


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Offers a detailed history of drug intake, beneficial for ongoing cases or treatment plans.

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Head hair samples are collected discreetly and the process can be carried out in any location.



Legally Defensible

Hair samples are taken directly by a professional, ensuring a full chain of custody.

Legally Defensible

Why Hair Testing?

Hair testing is a powerful tool in drug detection due to its ability to reveal substance use over a longer period, typically up to twelve months. Unlike urine or blood tests that only provide more recent short-term insight, hair testing can capture a comprehensive usage pattern, offering invaluable insight for legal cases, employment screening, and medical evaluations.

Hair drug testing is considered highly accurate in situations where a long detection window is crucial. It's highly valued for its accuracy, ability to provide a detailed usage history, and its resistance to evasion tactics (like abstaining for a few days to pass a test). The process is minimally invasive, and the results are widely accepted in professional and legal contexts, making it an indispensable tool for solicitors and local authorities.

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 Hair Drug Testing

How Hair Testing Works

Is Hair Drug Testing Right for You?

Strengths of Hair Drug Testing

Highly accurate for detecting specific drugs and their metabolites

Shows patterns of drug usage over extended time windows

Evidentially sound as the hair is collected by a professional

Non-Invasive without the need for specialised collection environments

Suitable for most people as multiple body sites can be used

Limitations of Hair Drug Testing

Several centimetres of hair are preferable for best results

Some individuals may have cosmetic concerns over the collection of hair

Drugs may not be detectable in hair until 1-2 weeks after use

Cosmetically-treated hair may sometimes lead to less reliable results