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DNA and Toxicology Services for Solicitors

By ensuring the precision of DNA and toxicology evidence, we empower legal professionals to make compelling arguments in custody disputes and immigration cases, ultimately contributing to equitable resolutions.

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What We Do

AttoLife is a premier laboratory that specialises in providing legal-grade DNA and toxicology services. Renowned for our speed, professionalism, and the provision of first-class expert witness statements, we are dedicated to supporting the legal system with robust evidence.


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DNA Testing Services

We offer DNA testing services that are pivotal in resolving a wide array of legal matters, from establishing familial relationships for custody cases to verifying genetic links in immigration applications. Whether it's confirming parentage or proving a biological connection to a family member abroad, our tests are designed to provide robust evidence for your cases.

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DNA Testing Services
Toxicology Services

Toxicology Services

Our toxicology services are essential in cases where substance use is a concern, providing clear, comprehensive insights into drug and alcohol consumption. Such evidence can be crucial in custody disputes, demonstrating a parent or guardian's suitability for child care. We test for metabolites created by alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, opioids, benzodiazepines, and cannabis. Our services include nail and blood testing, however, hair drug testing remains the gold standard for exploring substance abuse over an extended time window.

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Rapid and Reliable

Understanding the time-sensitive nature of legal proceedings, we offer rapid reporting without compromising accuracy. Our nationwide network of expert and compassionate samplers is ready to discreetly collect samples at a location convenient for your clients. Results are processed in our UKAS accredited and ISO17025 certified laboratory, culminating in a legal-grade report that robustly supports your case.

Rapid and Reliable

How It Works

We will work to your needs in order to make sure that legal-grade evidence is delivered. Typically, we adhere to the following four steps.

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  • Identify Requirements
  • Collect Sample
  • Conduct Analysis
  • Expert Witness Reporting
Identify Requirements

We evaluate the specific objectives of your DNA or toxicology test, considering factors such as the number and type of samples, location, and your court date. We'll provide a quote based on this assessment and then outline the specifics of the sample collection that ensure legal validity. For hair toxicology tests, we cover essential details like sample length and collection sites, as well as limiting factors, such as hair colour treatments.

Collect Sample

Our collection process adheres to strict chain-of-custody protocols, guaranteeing the integrity and accurate documentation of each sample from the point of collection to analysis. This meticulous approach ensures the reliability of the evidence presented in your legal arguments.

Conduct Analysis

Our laboratory is accredited by UKAS to ISO 17025 standards, and we uphold extremely high standards to maintain this accreditation. Our expert Research and Development team performs comprehensive validation work on all our methods to ensure the integrity and accuracy of our tests. This research is regularly published in respected scientific journals. Accurate analysis is critical as it lays the foundation for interpreting results within a legal framework.

Expert Witness Reporting

Following the analysis, our specialists deliver a comprehensive interpretation of the results, contextualised within the relevant legal frameworks. The final report, prepared for court presentation, supports your case with compelling scientific evidence.